Saturday, December 31, 2005

obit writers on national public radio

Atlanta Journal Constitution Obituary Editor Kay Powell and Steve Miller, the New York Sun obits editor who uses the more formal "Stephen Miller" as his byline, were absolutely fabulous on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" on Dec. 30, 2005. They were featued in a 5-minute segment titled "Remembering Those Who Died in 2005."

Kay deftly answered questions about how she chooses to write obits about the not-so-famous, how she talks to bereaved relatives and how she handles delicate bits of information.

Steve was interviewed in a supermarket, where he talked about recently deceased inventors whose creations can be found in grocery stores. It was brilliant.

Lee Levinson, who I believe is an NPR commentator, read his own father's paid death notice. It was hilarious.

Kudos to all three! And a Happy New Year to anyone who reads this blog!


Anonymous said...

are you the only blogger commenting on obits?

Alana Baranick said...

hello there, anonymous.

we're just getting the hang of blogging. this is a relatively new blog site.

my fellow obit bloggers have not been blogging the last few weeks. but if you check the archives from previous months you will find that other people really do post blogs on this site.

and more obit writers have signed up to join us this week. so i anticipate more participation soon.

do you have a particular interest in obituaries and obit-related topics? or are you a blog surfer?