Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bloggess of Death on BBC Radio

And yet another end-of-the-year national radio broadcast featuring an obituarist.

Jade Walker, an independent obituary writer whose post-mortem profiles can be found on The Blog of Death, was on the BBC radio program, Brief Lives.

Apparently, this is a regularly broadcast obituary program. Perhaps our friends from across the pond could enlighten us on this.

The program is an hour long. The first 49 minutes features a panel discussion of prominent deaths of 2005, including the Pope, Richard Pryor, Luther Vandross and actor John Mills.

And then - Ta Da! - the interview with Jade. Learn about how she came to be the bloggess of death. And listen to her stories about some really cool people, who happen to be dead. Well done, Jade!

You can fast-forward to Jade's segment, but the entire show (with the exception of the sports news) is worth listening to, if you have time.

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