Sunday, September 25, 2005

going where this obit writer has not gone before

hello to all my "grim" friends, who are "in" or "intrigued with" the obituary-writing business.

this is my first entry on my obit blog, "obituary forum." i'd like you to join me on this new adventure. but i'm still learning how this works, so i can't tell you how to add your comments.

i'll expect advice on this from steve miller (a.k.a. stephen miller of the new york post) or andrew losowsky (british technical writer who lives in spain), both of whom are extremely well-versed in the technical workings of the internet.

in the meantime, i'll seek assistance from my blogging buddies at the plain dealer, the daily newspaper of cleveland, ohio, where i work.

i suppose i should offer a subject to discuss. hmmm. let's start with something tame. like books. and shameless self-promotion.

here's my chance to promote "life on the death beat: a handbook for obituary writers," written by me, jim sheeler of the rocky mountain news and the aforementioned stephen miller of the new york post. carolyn gilbert, founder of the international association of obituarists, was kind enough to write the foreword. details are available at my web site:

also, poynter institute's "best newspaper writing 2005." this includes writings by and interviews with reporters and photographers who received or were finalists in this year's american society of newspaper editors distinguished newspaper writing competition. there's an obituary writing section featuring me, adam bernstein of the washington post and margalit fox of the new york times. read about that book at:

adam bernstein is a dear friend, whom i met at a great obituary writers conference in las vegas, n.m. - that's right. new mexico. not nevada. i've never had the privilege of meeting margalit fox, but i hope that will change in the near future.

larken bradley, another obit conference pal, who lives in the san francisco area, garnered some awards from the national newspaper association with some obituaries she wrote for the point reyes light. info is available at:

larken b., gerry hostetler of the charlotte observer and other obit-conference friends also have books in print or in process.

now it's time for somebody else to do some shameless self-promotion or offer comments on books that are obit-related or were written by obit writers.

be good.
-alana. (alana baranick)