Monday, December 19, 2005

a true fan

Thanks to Kay Powell, obits editor at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, for sharing the story of the late Wilma Eckert, a St. Louis Cardinals fan who was delighted that the Major League Baseball club traded relief pitcher Ray King.

Apparently, fans blamed King for losing some crucial games. Eckert's death notice/obituary was printed in the Belleville ( Belleville, Illinois, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri) News-Democrat two days after the trade was announced.

In the online guest book, someone from California wrote that cable newsman (or is it pundit?) Keith Olbermann brought national attention to Eckert's obit by reading it on his "Countdown" program on MSNBC.

Also in the guest book was the following note:
We'll make you proud, Wilma! (signed) Aaron Miles and Larry Bigbie, St. Louis, MO.

I may be wrong about this, but I believe the Cardinals just picked up Miles and Bigbie either in trade or as free agents. (I'm not well-versed on baseball trades and such.) Of course, it's possible that someone else left that note and attributed it to Miles and Bigbie.

Regardless, it was a cool family-written obit.

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