Friday, September 02, 2011

PJ O'Rourke proposes vindictive pre-obits

I can remember when PJ O'Rourke was maybe the funniest writer in the country, when he edited National Lampoon, when he wrote stuff like High Speed Performance Characteristics of Pickup Trucks.

Sadly his work has declined to things like this predictable litany in which he wishes his political enemies dead. It's the usual suspects and there's nothing creative about it and it would be just as bad if his enemies happened to be conservatives. PJ became so partisan that he ate his brain, as well as his bilious good humor.


John D. said...

I did wonder why PJ wasn't lining up to push Dick Cheney off a cliff. Now I can guess why.

Everybody's got a list, and everyone is on someone's list. The close of the Stanley Bosworth obituary recently in the NYT gives the secret to getting satisfaction: live long enough, and you get to see the people you hate die before you.

That will work, whether you buy the paper or not.

stephenmiller said...

Leave it to PJ to confound my screed just a day after I issued it with a really very well done if not hilarious condemnation of summer in the WSJ.

I still think he should be barred from writing about politics, on which topic he is a repetitive and mean-spirited bore.