Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New look for Obit mag

Check out the new Obit magazine at It’s been re-envisioned, re-engineered, reincarnated, the Obit newsletter reports.

Readers can now:

Read and comment on Visions of Heaven.

Look up your birth date in Died on the Same Day and discover who checked out on the day you checked in.

Relive historical moments through video and photography in Final Cut and Photo Finish.

Join a discussion about favorite graveyards.

Learn about the team behind Obit.

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Here's more from the Obit team:

Whether centered on a person, a place, an object or an idea, life’s constant change presents an opportunity for examination, discussion and celebration. Obit brings you a forum for ideas and opinions about life, death, and transition that you will find nowhere else.

Obit wishes to welcome our new visitors and to thank our loyal community. Please take a minute to give us feedback and to tell us a bit about you, so that we can continue to bring you content that informs and entertains you. Through the lens of life.

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