Friday, February 08, 2008

Derrick Henry, RIP

Robert Derrick Henry, an obituary writer for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, died on Jan. 29 of complications from an inoperable tumor. He was 58.

Henry was hired in 1985 to be the newspaper's classical music critic. He later covered the religion and nonprofit beats before moving to the obit desk.

"He worked in constant pursuit of words that could match the fascinating lives of those about whom he wrote. ... Through his obituaries, readers got a tour of forgotten Atlanta," Hank Klibanoff said.


Alana Baranick said...

With obit writers like Derrick Henry, who give readers "a tour of forgotten Atlanta," it's no wonder historians consider obituaries - obituaries that are well-written and enlighten readers to the history of the last century - as a prime source for research.

Anonymous said...

Because my namesake (my mother's 56 year-long friend) died a few weeks ago, I completed Poynter's on-line obit course so that I could pay her proper tribute.
After three decades' of involvement with hospice and palliative care, talking and writing,attending many conferences and educational opportunities on these issues, I'm grateful to see more people facing reality.

Anonymous said...

Derrick was a great guy. I knew him in Boston, back when he was writing for the Globe. We met on a telephone call and our first conversation ran for a sensational five hours. I am not kidding. We shared intense interests in music and music reproduction. Once, he said to me that of all the audio guys he knew, I was the one by far most knowledgeable about music; and I replied to him, that of all the music guys I knew, he was the one by far most knowledgeable about audio.

Man will I miss Derrick!

Clark Johnsen

Unknown said...

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