Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Drag and paramilitary honours

"Sammy Duddy was a colourful Belfast character who combined membership of one of the city's most lethal paramilitary groups with a career as "Samantha", a highly suggestive drag act."

"On one occasion, Duddy's home was attacked with a pipe bomb, while on another shots were fired into it. While he was uninjured, his pet chihuahua, Bambi, was hit by gunfire and died."

Now there's a unique one. By the way, McKie Watch: Spotted on the BBC's Front Row podcast, still can be downloaded till Friday, talking about killing off people early and the dangers of Wikipedia.

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Alana Baranick said...

I love the way the writer makes the transition from talking about Duddy's cabaret attire - "fishnet tights, wig and heavy make-up" - to the consequences of his paramilitary day job:

"As well as appearing on stage, he also appeared in court . . ."