Thursday, June 22, 2006

USA T'other day

And, as every year, Señor McKie's cowboy hat gets all the attention in USA Today today, also featuring Marilyn reading from The Dead Beat. Sounds like another great conference. And onwards to the ninth! I wonder if Isabel and I could arrange it for Spain next time?


Tim Bullamore said...

I understand that Carolyn is going to circulate a questionnaire about venue for the 9th. Many people feel that the town of Las Vegas has run its course. Although England (the 7th, last year) worked in the end, it took some hard work to get people across the Atlantic. Personally, I'd prefer not to return to the US (I hate having my index fingers marked and pictures taken - and that's just on leaving the country!), but if we have to go there let's make it the NE seaboard and thus accessible to all, eg Boston, NY or Washington. Toronto would be a good alternative. I'm sure others will have their thoughts to share :)

Alana Baranick said...

Isn't the USA Today reaper cool?

Do you notice any similarities with Grimmy, who is depicted on the cover of "Life on the Death Beat," which sits atop the sidebar on the upper righthand portion of the blog page?

I like to think that after USA Today's Grimmy had his morning coffee, he rolled up the obituaries and carried them with him as he went on to walk the death beat on our book cover.