Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dead? Or alive?

Kay Powell, obits editor at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, shares this confirmation-of-death story that a funeral director told her about his uncle:

Per the funeral director: My uncle was recently hospitalized in very serious condition and not expected to live. He recoverd to some degree and went home to recuperate.

Social security called his wife Tuesday morning to inform her that she needed to reimburse the agency for the check sent him the first of this month. Somewhat puzzled, she inquired "Why".

They had been advised of his death on _____ of January. That came as somewhat of a surprise to her, she reported, since he was sitting in the chair next to her and was apparently very much alive and didn't smell bad at all.

She now has to take him to their office to prove that he is, indeed, alive and kicking.

He went to his doctor's appointment yesterday. His appointment had been cancelled due to his death and his Medicare benefits were frozen.

Oh, and his retirement pension was also terminated.

Fortunately, he is one of those few who revel in the folly of life in today's world. He said he always wanted to slip peacefully away some day when that time comes. From now on he says he will check with SS each morning before shaving in case he died during the night and nobody got the memo out to him.

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