Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mama's Boy In Life and Death

Does anyone else flash on Snow White's glass casket when they see this story?
PS I *know* I need to learn how to do hyperlinks.


Twin Burial For Son and Embalmed Mother

By OMER FAROOQ Associated Press Writer
HYDERABAD, India (AP) -- An English teacher and the embalmed body of his mother that he had kept at home in a glass casket for 21 years were laid to rest in twin burials in a southern Indian village over the weekend, a relative said Tuesday.
"I fulfilled the last wish of my uncle. He had told us that his mother's body should be buried only after his death," said Syed Noor, a nephew of 69-year-old Syed Abdul Ghafoor.
Hundreds of local residents attended the twin burials on Sunday in the compound of a mosque in Siddavata, a town 300 miles south of Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh state.
"Everybody knew that Ghafoor had kept the embalmed body of his mother at home. There were protests and complaints by local people and relatives, but he was adamant not to let it go," said M. Prabhakar Reddy, a local administrator.
In 1992, Dinesh Kumar, the top state administrator, asked Ghafoor to bury his mother's body, but he stood firm on his decision.
"This is my house and nobody has any right to intervene," Kumar recalled Ghafoor as saying.
In mid-1980s, Ghafoor taught English literature in a college in the Thanjavur district of southern Tamil Nadu state where he lived with his mother.
He divorced his wife within six months of his marriage because she had a fight with his mother, Noor said.
When his mother died, he brought the embalmed body to his village home in Siddavata and kept it in a glass casket.
"He was so eccentric that he will not allow anybody else even to look at the glass casket," Noor told The Associated Press.\Ghafoor consulted his mother even after her death.
"Before doing any thing important, he would write `yes' and `no' on two scraps of paper. Then sitting near the feet of his mother he will draw the lot and act accordingly," said Noor.

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Alana Baranick said...

you always manage to find the most bizarre death-related stories, claire.

this one creates all kinds of images in my mind: snow white. norman bates.