Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Introductory introspection

Hello you. Here's a bit about me:

I'm a British freelance journalist and editor based in Madrid, Spain. I've written about all manner of things - from the Cuban Cricket Team to ghosts on the London Underground. One thing I've never done professionally, however, is write obituaries. Instead, I'm an obit groupie, a fan of the art and all its possibilities. You write, I read. And it's probably best if we keep it that way.

I got in contact with the International Obituary Association for a rather silly and overlong piece I was writing a year or so ago (and which will re-emerge in a new form soon). When I heard that the Association's annual meeting this year was going to be in Bath, I got in touch with Carolyn Gilbert, who foolishly asked if there was anything I'd like to talk about at the gathering.

I flew over from Spain (where I've been living since 2003), blathered on for a bit about online obits (the pages I talked about are listed here), and was lucky enough to meet many of the remarkable people who are posting on this very weblog. Bless them all and their talented cotton sock drawers.

I'll occasionally be spreading my strange, strange words over here, as and when I find obit-related milk-bottle tops that engage my magpie interest. I've also got my own weblog over here, which has been confusing Google since 2002.

Andrew Losowsky

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