Monday, November 21, 2005

Obituarists: uncovered

With humble and profound apologies to all, the British literary magazine Zembla has just published my own take on the Obituarists Association conference in Bath.

It's a rewrite of a piece a wrote a year ago for a small American fanzine, and has been marinaded in poetic licence before being liberally sprinkled with over-exaggeration.

The layout's rather marvellous; the text a little more silly. The article itself is over at my website. Don't hurt me, I'm not worth it.


Joanne West Cornish said...

Good article. Wouldn't it be great if people agreed that colorful and memorable obits are worth the irreverence?

Alana Baranick said...

i don't hate you, andrew. of course, you didn't mention me in your article. so i have no reason to hate you.

i read a previous version of this on your web site. this is even better than the original.

such a way with words you have, general losowsky. the line about finding an obit writer "who gives good dead," provocative is.

and i love the layout.

thanks for sharing in your own peculiar way.