Thursday, November 03, 2005

Journalist's Tool Kit, on sale at K-Mart


The secrets, if you don't have time to look:
1. Glitter gel pens.
2. Lockable journal
3. Confetti flowers
4. Gemstones, sequins, denium, glue
5. Also, 2 bottles of glitter glue
6. Idea booklet

In a related vein: Am I the only obit writer here who receives emails from funeral directors whose communiques are adorned with animated smileys? I can only imagine what the families think when they open an email from this place. It make an excellent detail in a novel though.

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Alana Baranick said...

ah, yes. glitter pens are an integral part of the practice of journalism - especially writing about the dead.

i believe the dancing, laughing and otherwise engaged smiley faces are eliminated by our systems folks at the plain dealer before they reach us.

but i get that type of email at home from caroline richmond on occasion. hers are quite elaborate - much more than just smiley faces.