Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Examples of Multimedia Obituaries

I think Gayle Ronan Sims of the Philadelphia Inquirer is one of the best at putting together multimedia obits. She writes terrific stories and links them online to extra photos, audio and video, creates slide shows, and sometimes finds other online pieces to further enlighten readers.

One of her recent efforts (recent for when this post was written) was for the Jan. 20, 2008, obit of Joseph William Burk, Penn rowing coach and war hero.

She found an online newsletter for rowing enthusiasts with a complete rundown of Burk's rowing career and a row-by-row radio broadcast of Burk winning the Diamond Sculls at the Henley Royal Regatta in England in 1938, where he broke the the record by eight seconds.

Keep checking the Philadelphia Inquirer obit page for other examples of multimedia obits.

Please let us know about multimedia obits from other papers that we can share on this blog.

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