Monday, December 18, 2006

The Journalism of Death

The Sacramento Bee in Sacramento, Calif., has decided to give obituaries a higher priority.

According to the paper's public editor Armando Acuña, The Bee is currently publishing a local news obit nearly every day. Recent features include a homeless man, a flood control expert, a pilot who ferried governors around the state and an organist.

These well-written obits are not only informative, they're also popular with readers. They're "consistently among the highest read items on the paper's Web site," Acuña said.

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Amy said...

The Sacramento Bee's new obituary writer, Robert Davila, must be the same Robert Davila I worked with on the Orange County Register's newsdesk when he was a mere pup fresh out of UCLA in 1985. A big welcome to him and a hope he will check in on this blog! Amy Starke