Saturday, January 28, 2006

Midlife crisis, mushrooms and more

How about this description of a midlife crisis in an obituary? (From the Telegraph)
Reid met his first wife, Pamela Saich, also a mycologist, on a fungus foray and they married in 1953. Their son, David, rebelled to the extent of becoming a malacologist rather than a mycologist.
Derek Reid always had a sense of fun, but during his early career he was shy, studious and bald. His forties, however, coincided with the permissive Seventies, and he celebrated with the adoption of a luxuriant wig, a collection of 200 dazzling ties and an exuberant manner to match. His marriage did not survive this transformation.
He married his second wife, Sheila Glover, who also worked at Kew, in 1987, the year he retired.
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