Saturday, December 17, 2005

Not a brag

One of my obits won a local press club competition --- in the arts and entertainment category. The subject: A trucker and his faithful dog, who both died together in a highway accident.

I know obit writers and FOBs often see obits as a form of entertainment, but this was just weird.


Alana Baranick said...

congrats, claire.

i think it's great that you wrote an obit that won first place in the "news story, arts & entertainment" category of the denver newspaper guild/denver press club awards. that's creative contest-entering.

for those of you who have the ability to locate it online, the story is titled "man and dog inseparable in life, death." it was printed may 22, 2005, under the "a colorado life" heading.

i love the part about how the trucker, a big man, fed the dachsund puppy with a medicine dropper. all the details are terrific.

way to go, claire!

Claire Martin said...

Really I wasn't trolling, Alana. I do think it's kind of weird. If I were doing a feature story on obit writers, that's the kind of thing I'd zero in on as a way of distinguishing the changing tone in obits today from the traditional approach. I think some people would find the idea of obits in arts/entertainment a little disconcerting.

Kay Powell said...

Death is news. Obit writing is an art. Done well, an obit is entertaining. Ergo, you won in a totally appropriate category.
Kay Powell
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Obits Editor