Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nominee for Naked City award

NYTimes death notice 10/30/2005

NAGLER--Sidney. Born New York City, October 1, 1911died Boca Raton, FL. October 23, 2005. One of the kindest, gentlest people has left our midst. He never aspired for great wealth or power. He just sought to be one good man among many. And, at that, he was enormously successful. He was a boy from the Bronx who married a girl from Brooklyn and was married for 65 years until Madeleine's death August 9, 2002. He carried on, dying peacefully in sleep. He founded Sid Nagler Display Studios, and for 60 years he turned out the displays that grace the fronts of theatres on 42nd St. and Broadway. His hard work, his talent, and his devotion to his family were the force that sustained him. He was an anonymous New Yorker, another face on the street every working day, but he made an important contribution to the vibrancy of the City's life and culture. His son, Lanny Nagler & Marsha (Kinsler), W. Hartford, CT and their children, Matthew & Emily, and his son, Richard Nagler & Sheila (Sosnow), Piedmont, CA and their children, Ethan & Julia, join in saying goodbye to Poppa Sid, a kind and gentle soul who loved them and who was loved in return.

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