Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Chin Up, Girls


Obituarists, please note the publication of the latest Daily Telegraph (London) anthology - Chin Up, Girls: The Daily Telegraph Book of Women's Obituaries. This is 13th volume in the series. I've just ordered it, online, and therefore will shortly have the complete set. My obsession is apparent.

For those readers who have not encountered the enactment of this obsessive behaviour at conferences, I should add by way of introduction that I have had a lengthy acquaintance with the obituary art. It emerged in my newspaper reporter incarnation, survived in an embalmed state throughout my military dalliance, reappeared in subsequent forays as a freelance writer and itinerant correspondent, and flowered shamelessly in academic life - to the extent that it became the subject of a doctoral dissertation, Writes of Passage.

But back to the Telegraph's 13th collection: it is worth reading, alone, to discover the origin of the title.

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